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Special Chase Starter Mia

Special Chase Starter Mia


Madison Hansmeyer sang the National Anthem beautifully!!!

Madison Hansmeyer sang the National Anthem beautifully!!!

Fastest WomanWinner and Abe (2)

Woman placerFemale runner and Abe

Adriana Abe and Jon   another team Ashley friend Awards Table Band yawn Fastest Team kid winner kids Chase Mia Jon Juan Summerlyn volunteers with Jon


Baby with Medal Chase start 2014 mona1 Congressman Vargas with Mia and mom Fern Gary and Jon Madison Hansmeyer Mia and Ana Lo horn Mia Jon Juan

Ambulance Chase 2013 pictures:

IMG_0338  IMG_4931

IMG_4976 IMG_5054

barristers  ambulance and vespa (2) Cathedral Cheerleaders chase guards Krysta Cordill on run medium Queen Viktoria Shawn and Krysta  start lincoln IMG_5038 Start Action ambulance and vespa (2) chase guards  ambulance and vespa (2) Ambulance1 Diane Jon Summerlyn Lincoln and Winner finish Winner at yellow pole Winner Lincoln Walkers1 Team Rady Start Summerlyn Lincoln Slow Chasers Riley Care Richard and Kevin MoonWalker1 Fast Runners start  IMG_0125 ambulance and vespa (2) Queen Isabella in shirt

Camille Shiflett

Camille Shiflett the Winner of the Woman’s Chase

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