Volunteer Agreement


Part I:    Volunteer Information:

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Firm/Agency/School: _____________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________________


City: _______________________ State: _________________ Zip: _________________________


Phone: ____________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________


Chose those that apply:


I am a member of the State Bar of California and have no disciplinary actions against me.

Bar #  ___________________  Practice Areas: __________________________________


I am a CFP® and have no disciplinary actions against me. CFP® # ____________________


I am a CPA and have no disciplinary actions against me.  CPA # _____________________


I am not an attorney, CFP®, or CPA.  My professional status or occupation is: ________________________________________________________________________


Other than English, I speak the following languages.  _____________________________


Part II:   Criminal Background:


Have you ever been investigated or convicted of committing a misdemeanor or felony?

YES    NO  (Please Circle).   If yes, please explain ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Part III:  Conditions of Volunteer Participation:


I understand and agree that my services will be rendered free of any charge to referred clients, unless otherwise agreed to by the board of the Professional Alliance for Children.   I agree to hold all client and case matters in the strictest confidence and shall adhere to all policies which serve to protect the attorney-client relationship.  Working with other volunteer professionals, as permitted by the Professional Rules of Conduct and other applicable law, is encouraged.


Signature:  ______________________________   Date: __________________________