What We Do

We provide free legal and financial advice to families with an ill child.   The goal of this advice is to lower family stress by guiding them through the many legal and financial issues associated with caring for an ill child.

We join volunteer attorneys, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and other professionals to collaboratively assist our families.   We work in teams, usually with an attorney joined with a financial professional in order to address both the legal and financial issues faced by our families.

Most of our families have a child being treated for a serious illness at Rady Children’s Hospital.  Many of these families are staying at the San Diego Ronald McDonald House while their child is being treated at Radys.

We have helped families to:

  • obtain health insurance,
  • prepare a budget and manage debt,
  • receive Medi-Cal, SSI, and IHSS benefits for their child,
  • avoid foreclusure,
  • provide legal consent for a heart operation,
  • obtain humanitarian parole to be with a seriously ill child,
  • receive sick leave to attend a child’s operation, and
  • help with immigration issues interfering with a child’s care.

Because we share a common mission with both Rady Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, we participate in their fund raising events.  These events provide us with a great opportunity to join our volunteers as a team while working to further our common goal — to better the lives of ill children.